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Legacy Awareness in Tracks

Posted on Tue January 5, 2016.

Why our awareness defines our legacy and shapes our tracks! In South Africa the term “spoor” is mainly used to indicate the tracks of an animal or person. Spoor can be simple tracks in the sand of a riverbed but it goes further than that. It can also include flattened grass, scrapings on trees, scattered seeds or maybe broken off branches. Even the smell that an animal left behind belongs to the kingdom of “spoor”. This short tale explains why the tracks you leave behind in life and your legacy awareness are important.

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Elephant Leadership

Posted by Robin on Tue January 5, 2016 in Wamvenga Stories.

Wildlife often shows astonishing leadership - as well as team working skills. Elephant significance leadership is a great example. All elephant herds are led by a female elephant, the so-called “matriarch”. Her daughter is groomed and trained throughout her live to take over when the matriarch will eventually be too old to lead the herd. At this time the old matriarch will stay behind to calmly lay down and die so not to burden the herd that needs to be on the move almost 24 hours a day.

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