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Dreams are Obligations

Posted on Fri September 9, 2016.

As I was driving and walking around last weeks in this special part of South Africa, the Makalali Private Game Reserve, I went back in my memories about 10 years ago and how it felt for me working as a guide and tracking White Rhino’s one morning with my tracker Wise Mkansi. ....

It was a cold winter morning and even the little grass left at the end of this winter had white frosted dew on it. Looking at the fresh Rhino spoor in front of me I had to pinch myself that I was actually tracking a White Rhino as it was one of my dreams in life to become a field guide.

I was aware that I was living my dream and it was if I stepped out of the scene that was in front of my eyes. It seemed that I could hover a bit above myself with a helicopter view looking in all directions.  A sense of achievement and pride came immediately over me and I felt happy at that moment where I was, what I was doing and who I am. I felt also connected to the wilderness around me which is up to today still my home.

Last week on the Mindfulness Safari I felt the same sense of achievement and pride coming over me as I was realizing one of my other dreams and that is organizing a Safari where participants, including the field guide, could connect with their dreams, their aspirations and the present moment through Mindfulness exercises and conducting the Safari drives and walks in such a way that this process is supported.

Through Mindfulness we get directly in contact with our Dreams and our Hearts wishes that can be buried deep under a layer of thoughts and activities that we think needs to be done first. This way we lose touch with what we really want and what we really are and thus we have a hard time feeling happy. Through the Mindfulness “state of mind” on Safari we give ourselves a great gift and that is to become aware of our Dreams, our deeper Aspirations and our Hearts wishes. Giving these an important part in our life results in experiencing true happiness, gives our life meaning. and is essential to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

You realize that this state of mind is a world apart from being able to get the newest cell phone or the feeling of being more powerful or special than others for being right and the other being wrong. Realizing your Dreams is an Obligation we are privileged with to achieve. Don’t keep waiting for the perfect circumstances! Become Mindful, become Aware and Change your Life towards one of your BIG5 Dreams.

Never give up on what you Really want to do. The person with the Big Dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts. - Albert Einstein -