• Sunset in the Bush

Coaching Safari

We all live such busy lives these days and at the end of the day we feel sometimes unsatisfied with our achievements and the choices we made. The Coaching Safari is about finding the state of mind to lift yourself out from non-constructive patterns, relax & energize yourself. Get clear and reconnected again to your own unique life BIG 5’s on this Coaching Safari.

Your life BIG 5’s are the most important goals you want to achieve at that moment. To achieve this with a clear and creative state of mind we combine Life Coaching with an energizing bush walk and exciting safari game drives. Through this Coaching Safari participants are encouraged to look into “nature’s mirror” and raise self-awareness, exercise mindfulness and reconnect with their values and dreams. Wamvenga offers this inspiring 3 days / 2 nights experience with delicious & healthy food, amazing wildlife encounters, magnificent African sunrises, tall stories at the campfire and star-lit night-skies.

Are you interested? Please find more detailed information about this Wamvenga Safari in the factsheet “Coaching Safari” or check out our Tours in English for the next available Coaching Safari weekend.