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Creative coaching

Outdoors, we naturally connect to our strengths and find clarity in our unlimited possibilities. It is scientifically proven that just being in nature refreshes our mind, body and spirit.
Wamvenga chooses nature as part of coaching. It just offers more effectiveness and quality to the client.

At Wamvenga we offer both on-site and online coaching and we believe in the value of individual nature coaching. Further, we offer team coaching in nature together with our partner Kambaka Nature Team Coaching.

Live Life Now - Individual coaching

Coaching is transformation. It's "getting where the coachee is in his or her life while expecting the best from him or her...". Getting crystal clear clarity on your goals and especially on your level of commitment to reach them, forms the basis of this transformation. Our coaching approach is integral-holistic based and includes passing on awareness creations that assist our clients to go further.

Powered by nature - Nature coaching

Nature plays THE central role in our coaching. We are convinced that coaching in nature is more powerful and the effects longer lasting than coaching indoors.  In nature we move physically. This supports the transformative change process. In nature we find unlimited creativity and get much quicker to a higher quality of goal clarity, resource- and solution finding.

Build a successful team - Team coaching

In nature, teams are omnipresent. Ants divide the workload, fish swim in schools, starlings fly in swarms and wolves cooperate in packs. As human beings we also need each other. We are members of our family, we maintain personal and professional networks. Most of us work in teams. Nature can assist us how to build and sustain a successful team when we look at it with "new eyes".

Our approach focuses on enhancing existing team-strengths outdoors. It is based on the 5-levels of a team's development; building trust, authentic conflict handling, growing engagement, taking responsibility and getting clarity of our common goals. We offer team coaching in nature together with our partner Kambaka Nature Team Coaching.

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