• Wandern im Busch
  • Leadership Safari
  • Coaching on Safari


Bushlover safari

Wamvenga has teamed up with “Claudia Schnell Safaris” for this interactive safari. We will sleep outside under the African star-night, learn how to track an elephant and safely approach on foot a variety of big game. This safari is all about an exciting mix of walking trails and game-drives. We stay in our comfortable 5*lodge overlooking the African plains with its herds of Giraffe, Zebra and Blue Wildbeest. Get ready for the amazing sunrises!

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Trails safari

We have teamed up with “Claudia Schnell Safaris” for this unique safari where we spend our nights in basic but comfortable tents with the most magnificent views. Here we focus on active walking trails and learn to track, navigate and connect with nature. The "tread-lightly" principle has been embraced and reduces our impact on nature to the minimum. Only leave your footsteps!

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Coaching safari

Great value can be found in participating in the Coaching safari where you will connect to your unique BIG5 life-goals plus have the room to take the first steps to achieve them. Wamvenga offers this safari with nature coaching workshops and exciting animal encounters in BIG5 wilderness. Take your dreams seriously, start here!

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Wildlife Expert safari

The “Wildlife Expert Safari” and the new "Wildlife Expert Safari Advanced" are intense full week safaris for German speakers that wish to delve into it and grow their wilderness knowledge and skills. Both “Wildlife Expert Safari” weeks are organised together with "Masodini Lodge" and offer an exciting mix of mid-day workshops, day-trips, active walking trails and game-drives.

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Leadership safari

Wilderness inspires us to lead effectively and more authentic. Wamvenga teams up with “Spill the Beans Coaching”  for a Leadership safari adventure with exciting animal encounters, magnificent sunrises and inspiring coaching workshops in leadership excellence. Observe first-hand the leadership style of African wildlife and gain valuable insights. Join us on this fun and hands-on Leadership Adventure!

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