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Leadership Safari

Step out of your comfort zone and into the wilderness of the African bush. Observe the leadership and team-work of the iconic African animals. Get focused, inspired and creative to access your own Leadership excellence.

Wamvenga uses in this safari the leading-by-example style and great team-work examples that iconic African wildlife give us like the Lion pride, the Elephant herd and the Spotted Hyena clan. A mix of workshops, exciting daily game drives and an energizing Leadership bush walk offer participants to track, find and enjoy savannah animals and also come out of the Leadership Safari as a better leader.

Through this Leadership Safari participants are encouraged to look into “nature’s mirror” and learn how to raise your self-awareness, identify and strengthen your own leadership style, develop your leadership brand plus how to use feedback as valuable leadership development tool. Wamvenga combines this energizing 3 days / 2 night Safari with delicious and healthy food, inspiring animal encounters, magnificent African sunrises, tall stories round the campfire and star-lit night-skies.

Are you interested? Please find more detailed information about this Wamvenga Safari in the factsheet “Leadership Safari” or check out our Tours in English for the next available Leadership Safari weekend.