• Nature Coaching - Chameleon power animal


Wamvenga offers the following activities in nature that are all offered close by wilderness and pristine nature areas. These adventures all revolve around vision, growth, connection and meaningfulness through wonderful experiences outdoors.


The Mobile Safari is a fully guided interactive, self-drive safari adventure where you visit the most beautiful and untouched nature areas in Southern Africa. Each day ends with an evening of story-telling at the campfire and the anticipation for tomorrows new encounters... The new 2023 date(s) will be soon available.

The Wildlife Expert Safari is held in a magnificent wildlife reserve in South Africa. In this week-long safari-course you will learn more in-depth than you have ever thought you could. Mid-day workshops on topics include; tracking, conservation, cultural and medical uses of plants, approaching dangerous game and much much more... The new 2023 date(s) will be soon available.


Nature Retreats

Wamvenga offers together with its partner Living Sense interactive and integral nature adventures. In these all-inclusive inspiring nature retreats we find ourselves in the most beautiful wilderness areas far away from the beaten track.

Here in nature, you will find access to a new, even higher vibrating consciousness and can look forward to attain quantum leaps in your quality of life.