Online Outdoor Trainer

Welcome to the unique online Outdoor Trainer Course and get much more out your time in nature!

If you want to experience the magic of nature. If you want to bring balance in your life with nature. And, if you want to inspire and develop yourself and others – through nature... Then this online course is for you!

The online Outdoor Trainer Course is available 365 days per year supported by regular monthly online Q&A sessions. Study at your own time and your own pace and step into the best Outdoor Trainer you can be!

What is the course about?

The course is fully online and divided into two main parts. It is a combination of outdoor hard skills and learning the more important outdoor soft skills.
Part 1. outdoor hard skills; "DOING in nature". This part is about choosing the right preparation; nature area selection, safety aspects, material selection, orientation and communication.
Part 2: Outdoor soft skills; "BEING in nature". This part is all about building an awareness of nature, using your senses and how about approaching nature, building a connection and finding solutions and answers.


What is included in the course?

  • Access to the course manuals in German or English language
  • Access to course videos in English or German
  • Online support for the course assignments in nature
  • 6 months access to inspiring online question and answer sessions (fixed dates, one/ month, online-format)
  • The following seven inspirational, online supported outdoor trainer chapters are offered:
    Outdoor Health & Safety, Attention in Nature, Environmental Understanding & Symbioses, Vision Quest, Preparing & Evaluating Outdoor Activities, Nature Rituals, Individual & Team Exercises in Nature.


What is the aim of this course?

Our aim is to increase the quality of outdoor experiences in nature.

With this course we will ignite the spark to a never ending process in nature. You will learn to look at nature "with new eyes" and to marvel at its magnificent beauty. You learn to trust the power of nature, connect to it more efficiently and to engage with nature's support.


How long can I expect to study?

This course is offered as a self-study course and contains seven chapters. It is more convenient for you if you separate the chapters by at least one week. This way you have time to reflect and to do the suggested home-study exercises in nature.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance from our course partner Living Sense.


How much does this course cost?

The price for the separate Online Outdoor Trainer Course is: EUR 500,- (CHF 485-).

This onsite course supports the practical and inspiring seven day-long Cert. Nature & Outdoor Trainer Course and can be done simultaneously.   

The Online Outdoor Trainer Course and the LIVE Cert. Nature & Outdoor Trainer Course is booked through our nature course partner Living Sense