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About us

Our origins lie in the African savanna where we saw firsthand the enormous potential and benefit nature has on team & personal development. We started our path in 2011 by spontaneously offering meaningful nature insights during walking trails and mobile safaris into what we have become now; Wamvenga Coaching.

We are passionate about:


We are grateful for the magnificence of nature, that has so much to offer us.


We learn from and are inspired by wildlife.


We believe in the value of truly connecting, experiencing nature together.


We trust that nature always offers us “life changing” adventures.


We do what we promise at the time when we promise to do it.

Wamvenga has partnered together with "Coaching Institute Living Sense" and "Kambaka Nature Team Coaching" in Switzerland, offering a unique array of onsite and online courses and coaching services in nature in German and English.

Robin van den Berg

Robin van den Berg; self-reliant, curious and empathetic, Robin loves a good laugh and motivates by discovering joy, potential, energy and inner wisdom. His decision to move from the boardroom to the African savannah taught him that courage and trust in oneself precede the desired change. By taking action, meaningfulness and happiness shows up.

Robin appreciates the richness of nature's beauty and its rhythms in his life. After a career as business consultant, project- and team leader in Europe, he now leads nature coaching, outdoor leadership- and team coaching seminars, preferably outdoors in his element; nature. 

Contact Robin to reconnect and learn from nature's coaching and leadership insights. He speaks fluent in German, French, Afrikaans, English and Dutch (his mother tongue).  Robin finds most of his inspiration through observing and interpreting the coaching, leadership and teamwork qualities of nature and wildlife in particular.

Robin currently lives in the beautiful city of Konstanz - Germany, on the shores of the Bodensee-Lake Constance. He is an accredited Integral Coach (ECA) and Consciousness Coach (ICF). He is a FGASA accredited Lead Trails guide & Professional Nature Guide (FGASA level 3). 

Robin's mission is to integrate nature by letting it play a central role in our life supporting and guiding our development as a person.