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About us

Our origins lie in the African savanna where we experienced firsthand the enormous potential and incredible benefit nature has on team-development and our personal development as a human being.

Our coaching path started by spontaneously offering meaningful nature insights during walking trails and mobile safaris throughout Southern Africa. We are grateful for this wonderful journey and for that what we have become: Wamvenga Creative Coaching.

We are passionate about:


We believe in the value of truly connecting with each other and experiencing nature together.



We are grateful for the magnificence of nature, that has so much to offer us.



We learn each day from nature and are inspired by its wildlife.



We trust in nature and that it offers us life changing insights full of meaningfulness.



We do what we promise at the time when we promise to do it.


Wamvenga has decided to partner with "Living Sense" and "Kambaka Nature Team Coaching", offering a unique array of onsite- and online courses and coaching services.

All coaching services are offered in the languages German, English and Dutch.

Robin van den Berg

Robin is an open, curious and adventurous person. He loves joyful energy and discovering new potential and strengths by sourcing inner wisdom. His decision to move from the boardroom to the African savannah taught him that decisions are powerful on their own. They always precede desired change where meaningfulness and happiness show up. Both courage and trust in our Self guide essential change. 

After a career as business consultant, project- and team leader he now leads nature coaching, outdoor leadership- and team coaching seminars. Robin is an excellent individual- and team-coach, specialised in the reduction of stress, increasing inner resilience, strengthening team cohesion and improving team results. Because of his business experience Robin understands what the specific challenges of business organisations and business teams are. 

Robin is inspired by observing and interpreting nature and its wildlife in particular. He is a certified professional field-guide and lead trails-guide (FGASA). 

Robin is an accredited Integral Coach (ECA) and Consciousness Coach (ICF). 

Robin lives currently with his family in the town of Kirchen - Germany, amidst wonderful dense forests and river-valleys, about 80 km East of the city of Cologne.