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Over the last 8 years, our teachers and students have been fortunate to have a true and genuine African bush and safari experience with Claudia and Robin. Their knowledge, wonderful personalities, and most importantly, safety of my students, has made our visits to South Africa memorable.

- Ryan Sinclair, Ivy Leader & Director of Leadership and Service Learning, Cardigan Mtn School, USA

Robin and Claudia not only have a passion for Africa and a deep understanding of the bush. They also know what powerfully insights can arise when we immerse ourselves in nature. Combined with their skills in the area of leadership and team development, they offer a unique opportunity for organisational and personal growth.

- David Michie, Founder of Mindful Safaris and International Author, Australia

Robin and Claudia organized an extraordinary itinerary for Stanford University, with the goal of learning about African wildlife, the management of private and public reserves, threats to habitats and ecosystems, and the role of local communities in conservation initiatives. Not only did Robin and Claudia identify accommodations that were comfortable and safe in spectacular reserves, they also lined up an outstanding set of speakers on wildlife management, community initiatives and anti-poaching efforts. All this layered on top of game drives and bush walks in which we observed a stunning variety of wildlife. I recommend Robin and Claudia with the highest possible degree of enthusiasm!

- Susan McConnell, Professor of Biology, Stanford University, USA

Learning from an experienced Ranger like Robin is a great opportunity to deeply connect with nature, life and yourself. It is what I recommend to every leader around the globe: Leave your comfort zone and dig into the eternal laws of life, love and leadership. You will grow personally and professionally beyond your imagination.

- Kerstin Plehwe, National Geographic Author and Entrepreneur