Nature Retreats

Wamvenga offers together with its partner Living Sense interactive and integral nature adventures. In these all-inclusive inspiring nature retreats we find ourselves in the most beautiful wilderness areas far away from the beaten track.

Here in nature, you will find access to a new, even higher vibrating consciousness and can look forward to attain quantum leaps in your quality of life.

Moments of excellence retreat - Spain (Granada)

Monday, 8. Oktober - Friday 13. Oktober 2023, 5 days.

This retreat offers a solid leap out of the comfort zone of the usual! The retreat includes: all coaching workshops and materials, nature activities, accommodation and all meals-drinks. The retreat price excludes: all flights and / or transfers to and from the retreat location.

The Moments of excellence retreat is organised in cooperation with Living Sense.
Description: A unique transformation in nature awaits you. You will finally find the courage this week - to free your version of "I" and to live courageously! Heroically you face your shadows and awaken in a new light to shine authentically on the stage of life! Are you ready for deeply fulfilling happiness, true passion, authentic success and a life that is all? A life that is extraordinary? We will inspire you in this retreat with integral coaching, nature adventures, vision moments, a wealth of insights, highlights from our wealth of experience, movement, culinary delights and great storytelling around the fire-place. 




Lion Heart Retreat - Soul Safari (South Africa)

Sunday 12 November - Saturday 18 November 2023, 7 days.

Welcome to your hero's journey to Southern Africa. Experience a unique soul safari with us where in this exclusive retreat we will guide you to your Big 5 of life!

The Lion Heart - Soul Retreat is organised in cooperation with Living Sense.

Description: Surrounded by the silence of the African Bushveld you will find time and space to listen to your soul. Touched by the magic of nature, you can open yourself for a loving healing journey. Everything that still seems heavy and burdensome can be transformed. Nature will guide you through loving and meaningful signs. It will show you how to enjoy a fulfilled inspiring life in balance and harmony. Accompanied by nature, African wildlife, integral coaches, wildlife experts and herbalists, you will experience a life-changing transformation during these days. You will awaken your lion's heart, with whose power you can succeed in anything! 

Avuxeni -I see you! 


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