Created by outdoor professionals, for outdoor professionals that wish to work in and with nature!

Embrace nature as the driver to authentic created change and personal growth. Discover our onsite courses and on-line courses in German and English. They are designed for You to connect to nature and see it "with new eyes"!

Online Outdoor Trainer

Welcome to the unique online Outdoor Trainer Course and get much more out your time in nature!

If you want to experience the magic of nature. If you want to bring balance in your life with nature. And, if you want to inspire and develop yourself and others – through nature... Then this online course is for you!

The online Outdoor Trainer Course is available 365 days per year supported by regular monthly online Q&A sessions. Study at your own time and your own pace and step into the best Outdoor Trainer you can be!


Cert. Nature & Outdoor Trainer

Welcome to the magic of nature and the Certified Nature & Outdoor Trainer Course!

Is your deepest wish to make nature into your own empowerment-space and to be an outdoor trainer with soul and passion? Do you want to diiscover the quality and sustainability of coaching and training in nature? Do you want to step-by-step dive into the outdoor training world?